Stand Set Up

The right trade show is the one that will integrate with your communication strategy

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We support from scratch to build your own stand.

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Before The Exhibition Show

Communicate about the next venue and story board it.

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At The Exhibition Show

Animate and Allow a high visibility using communication technics.

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After The Exhibition Show

Call your prospects and seek for new appointments.

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Ask For A Quote

You do have a project to expose your products and present your services during an event or exhibition show?

Tell us more about your brief, we will deliver your expected design and stand set up.en/contact-stand-service

Get Ready for exhibition stand project

  • What are my need and expectations for my stand?
    • All we need is to match your expectations and go beyond.

      Please tell us more and give more details.

      Give us your budget in order to define the material, the technique and the processes used to design, create and build your stand up.


  • What is a brief about? And what information do we need to find in?
    • A brief is a first draft summarising your demand and expectations.

      This document does include a company presentation, the branding and corporation communication.

      It also stresses your exhibition aims, customer audience, and stand specificities in term of audio, video, colour and signane. The first draft is always evasive but as the stand goes life we will be better tuning your required key outstanding elements defining your company strategy.

      Any single detail counts for argument, please tell us about the stand ambience and decoration together a trend book.



  • What is your targetted budget?
    • We at Alphabet Stand Service, do build stands for any budget?

      Your stand quotation will depend upon the category, size and options selected.

      The furniture, decoration, technology pitch will modify the overall pricing.

  • Can you quote my own stand design?
    • Of course, we can build your own design up and quote it.

      We will definetely tune your design to integrate the right stand location, dimensions and technical constraints.

      We will propose some improvement and advice upon the best set up.


Before The Exhibition Show

At this stage, the customer flow, furniture set up and technical information area must be antisciped.

Here comes our experience and expert subjet matters to elaborate the stand set up focusing upon interior architecture, decoration and scenography to offer you an edge over the conception.

Gather as much information as you can

  • When do I need to book my booth location?
    • As a matter of fact, customers do book booth one year in advance.

      This is especially true for major events.

      As a result we recommend that your book it right after the closure of exhibition show for next year.


  • What about the stand booking?
    • Look after your stand designer once you have booked your stand location!

      The booth location should be selected some 3 and 6 months before the due date.


  • How long does it take to set up a booth?
    • This design time depends our workload and stand seasonality.

      In average, it takes some 3 to 6 months to design a stand. 

      Sooner the better in order to allow a better interaction between the customer and the stand designer.


  • What kind of technical information would the stand designer need?
    • One more time, more information you provide, better will be the stand match!

      Stand Snap shots, a book trend and ambience you like are welcomed to create 3D views.

      Those pictures will allow a better understanding of your needs and expectations. You might want to show former stands in order to appreciate your corporate vision.

      Durant that conception phase any information contributes to the project success: graphic chart, corporate logo, visuals...


  • Is there any safety constraint to know about?
    • Yes, the booth should be meeting the safety and technical specifications of the exhibition stand.

      A maximum height is allowed by the technical director and electrical safety box should be booked for...

      Don't worry about... we will take care of the technical specifications and requirement depending form the stand location.

At The Exhibition Show

Your stand should be dynamic, animated, visible and catch eyes of existing and potential customers.

A high visibility together with a proper communication and marketing campaign should vital. Use of Kakemonos and roll-up would ease your stand visibility.

The signage, color and quality would communicate your company branding and would be seen from a remote area.

We also encourage you to exchange through the social networks: Post colorful information, picture of your stand and people visiting you!

Mark you stand, use your stand nu

Contact again your customers and prospect

After The Exhibition Show

After the exhibition show

Rank your prospect and follow up with appointments

Send newsletter and communicate the past exhibition show incluring your up coming activities, your current product range and next release

Magnify your exibition show presence and your support your current and new customers